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130+ Animated Monsters to Catch & Battle! No waiting, play at your own pace! 

Embark on an epic monster capture RPG like none other on mobile! 

Enter the massive world of Pixekai, where you can capture, train, and battle over 130 fully animated monsters.

Overcome the many challenges on your journey to become the top tamer of Pixekai! Uncover and foil the plans of an evil, secret organization within Pixekai to save this virtual world and your real world! 

  • Over 130 monsters to capture & evolve!
  • Fully animated monsters and characters.
  • A vivid and massive world to explore.
  • An epic storyline with tons of quests to complete.
  • Challenge other tamers to become the best!
  • Customize monster skills to fit your own strategy.
  • Hours of addictive gameplay.
  • Universal app with Game Center Support.
  • Test your skills against real players in the online multiplayer arena!

Do you have what it takes to become the best tamer in the world?

Latest News

Due to the last update Version 1.3 a lot of new bugs have appeared causing a lot of play problems for many, ZigZaGame have been working on getting these bugs freshened out and its taking more time than they planned.

The official Forum site has been taken over by SPAM and advertisements and has also been notited and is to be addressed at a later date after the release of Version 1.4 as they are concentrating more on getting the bugs fixed.

Apple have recived the latest Update for the game and are now reviweing it, awaiting the release in your app store over the next coming days...not long now and we will all be back onto Micromon with new Micromon available and towns to explore whilst completing more new quests.

Keep your eyes open!

The most recent information we have to date off the official micromon team is:

We Are Working on an update:
  • To expand the storyline
  • To add More Micromon
  • Fix the Online Arena Problems (Regarding BP)

Images of New Micromon in the making have also been posted to official site and facebook groups.

Recent Changes

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2nd E J 22,630
3rd ExLaw1111 20,360
4th eNv- 17,290
5th USSR Vodka 17,230